Our Service Promise To You

International Numismatics is proud to offer its clients a unique, personalised and friendly service.

For us, it's not just about selling coins; we thrive in helping our customers complete their collections. To achieve this, we've designed the following services.

Tell Us What You Want & We'll Find It For You!
Coin Finder is a personalised service we offer to help you build and complete your collections!
Why spend hours tracking down the coins you want, when we can do it for you!

Add your name to the Coin Finder Registry, and leave the hard work to us!


We Take The Hassle out of Collecting
Our Coin-in service makes collecting hassle-free and saves you time, as we give you the exclusive
opportunity to pre-order the complete series, before the coins are even released.
Wherever you see this logo – it means the Coin-in Service is available.

Just sign up for the series you're collecting, and we'll take care of the rest!


Save Instantly On Your Next Order
Coin Rewards is designed to give a little back to our loyal customers.
HOW? For every $1,000 you spend (in a calendar year), you will receive a 1% discount on your next order. A maximum discount of 8% can be obtained by spending $8,000+.

Shop with us & start saving today!


Payment Plan To Help Secure Your Order
Our Lay-By Service ensures you secure the items you want and takes the pressure out of payments by offering you a great payment plan.

We are happy to customise a payment plan to suit you; just let us know what you need!